Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some SMOKIN' HOT Fire Safety Review

A few days ago I was visiting with a friend and she told me about an electical outlet in her home that started smoking and almost caught on fire!  Good thing she was home to take care of could have been bad!

This made me think of the what ifs...  What if sometthing caught on fire in my home?  

Do the kids know their fire safety?

I decided we needed a review.  In my Amazing Action Alphabet outline, {located in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book} I talk about SAFETY when I teach letter S.  I also talk specifically about FIRE SAFETY when I teach number 6 {found in the Number Neighborhood Activity book}.

I read some of my favorite fire safety books to the kiddos today:

by Mercer mayer

by Norman Bridwell

I talked a little about STOP, DROP & ROLL...


{image found HERE}

I pulled out Number 6's activity in the Number Neighborhood Activity book and had some fun painting and counting some campfires.

I grabed some RED paint...

and some ORANGE paint...

I guided my little girl to use the back of the plastic fork and create flames...

The fork made some pretty cool textures and designs!...

We added some red to make the fames really HOT, and placed the right amount of sticks under each campfire...

Overall we had a SMOKIN' HOT time! ;)