Tuesday, January 13, 2015

M the Moose with his Mustache

Today at the Dollar Store I came across this...

I can't contain myself when I see mustaches. Seven for a buck!  Fun times ahead!

One hour and 12 minutes later...{because we were counting down the minutes until we could open these babies up}  I pulled out M the Moose from the AMAZING ACTION ALPHABET ACTIVITY BOOK and decided to work on the /M/ sound.

We colored here...

and colored there...

and cut two little slits here & here...{all directions and M the Moose page found HERE}

AND THEN...we were FINALLY ready to put on the MUSTACHE and Munch!

/m/ /m/ /m/ macaroni, /m/ /m/ /m/ milk, /m/ /m/ /m/ meat. /m/ /m/ /m/ muffin

At this point we had worked up an appitite with all the fuss about the mustache.  We decided to read one of my favorites...

by Margie Palatini

This Rapunzel length moostache makes for a hilarious story.  We tried to contain our self while we wore our mustaches.

{thanks RealSimple for the pic}
Moral of the story...you can learn anything when wearing a mustache! ;)

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  1. Yes, I've seen these everywhere. And I introduce M The Moose on Monday! More excited than before!