Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teaching Number 11 with Greater Than & Less Than

Getting closer!...

My Number Neighborhood Activity Book is hitting my STORE in September.  Keep watching for updates!

Today I wanted to give you a sample of NUMBER 11.

With this activity we talk about GREATER THAN & LESS THAN.  As always, I first review the story and introduce NUMBER 11 from my Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  This story talks about NUMBER 1, and her perfectly made bun (see here debut HERE).  Number 1 gets together with her best friend, a TEEN, and together they train a pet dog named Kevin.

Preschoolers LOVE learning about pets!  With Number 11's activity we see that our pet Kevin likes to eat the BIGGER pile of bones.

First we get the activity ready...


Then I put the bones into two different piles for my little one to count.

The child then decides which one is GREATER, and which one is LESS.  Kevin, our pet, always wants to eat the GREATER pile of bones.  So we position his mouth to eat that pile.

I created the dog to easily flip to whichever pile is correct!   I grabbed some Scooby-Doo graham cracker snacks and tried again and again...

We had a lot of fun counting and feeding 11's pet Kevin today!

You will love how easy this activity is, and the kids LOVE counting piles and piles of bones!

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