Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Feeling Crazy??? Here's A Little Something For #1

In the Number Neighborhood book number 1 wears a very tight bun.  Her action to help remember number 1 is to point to her bun over and over.  I think she is secretly infatuated by her very sleek hair!  On 1 day we talk a lot about HAIR~~~soooo have a...

 Wacky Day!

I love to see how CRAZY the kids can get with their funny clothes and hair.  I think it's super fun to put things in different places in the classroom...and get the kids thinking about what doesn't belong!   I LOVE the ideas over at Fun In First At OLP.  Check it out!

MUST HAVE::  Pull out my Dr. Seuss favorite...Wacky Wednesday!

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