Friday, May 23, 2014

How are you going to teach AND have fun this summer???!!

I love success stories, and I see and hear these stories ALL THE TIME!  That is what brings a smile to my face.  I love when kids have fun AND learn!

Summer is upon us and most of us just want to hang up the backpacks and kick up our heels.  Enjoy the down time with yours kids!  Here are some fun ways to teach AND have fun this summer from some of my new blogging friends.

Annie over at Annies Place To Learn shares ideas about teaching preschoolers and I love her Preschool Bin ideas.  Check out what she has in that bin!  That would keep my kids busy ALL SUMMER LONG!

Camille at Sunny Time Preschool messaged me saying she loves using Amazing Action Alphabet Products too!

"We use the Amazing Action Alphabet at my preschool 
and all the kids LOVE it!   It really helps them retain the letter names and 
sounds! We love the songs too! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Sunny Times has fantastic ideas on how to teach preschoolers!  I loved her Bubble Art that goes right along with our Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book B day activity.  Grab this book and do these activities at home.  Your kids barely realize their learning!

Also, Camille had some GREAT ideas for Y day that enhance our Y the Yack and his YoYo.  She strings YARN all over the room and makes a fun obstacle course.  She also writes about Yummy and Yucky tastes!    They tried Yellow Yogurt and Yams!  Yell yes for our senses!  

I hope you're thinking about fun in the sun this summer!  If you want to SHARE your unique ideas, and tell us how you find success in teaching in these summer months, message me!  We all want to hear from YOU!

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