Monday, October 28, 2013

C the Caterpillar Day

Simple ideas are often the best!  I showed the kids how a letter C is formed by giving them a round cookie to bite.

(in this case a cracker...cookie, cracker--- you get the point ;))

We also read one of my all time favorite books..."The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.

Love, love this book!  It is the perfect introduction to our Cycle Of A Caterpillar themed day.  In my book, "The Amazing Action Alphabet" flip chart, C the Caterpillar makes the sound /c/ as she cuts through countless colorful leaves.  In class we talk about how the caterpillar is first, an egg.  Second, they are a wiggly little caterpillar.  Third, they create their cozy cocoon.  Last, they become a beautiful butterfly.  

I set up paper plates and divide the plate into 4 equal sections. I then help the children create their own cycle of a caterpillar.

1.  egg - leaf & bean
2.  caterpillar - noodle
3.  cocoon - cotton ball
4.  butterfly - drawing

Notice I am teaching fine motor skills with them tracing the words on the plate.  Sneak in every aspect of learning were you can...the kids love it!

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