Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Apple Day Activities and Crafts

Preschoolers love learning about the Letter A & Apple Day!  Today I want to share some apple crafts and activities that are easy and fun for young learners.  Using recycled objects for circle painting, chalkboard writing, and sticker crafts all made Apple Day a success!  Other fantastic Apple Unit activities could include an apple rotting experiment, writing in apple sauce,  and playing: "What weighs more than an apple?"
Recycled apple day craft for preschoolers

A the Alligator in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart was the perfect base to our  A Day activities.  After reviewing the story about "A" and learning what A the Alligator says...we got straight to business!  During each activity we practiced the action for letter "A" and what it says.  Ask any of the kids today, they got it!  

Recycled Apple Painting

I have saved, recycled and rounded objects to be used for circle painting.  Today was just the day to bring them out!  Using objects to paint can be a simple way to incorporate arts and crafts in learning letters and numbers.

painting letter a craft

We talked about what object is taller, wider, shorter, thicker.  Each child was excited to make their own RED, CIRCLE apple.

painting apples with circles

We added a touch of green for the stem, and called it a bushel of fun!

Apple A day painting craft

Chalkboard Letter Writing

We used this chalkboard wall today to practice writing the capital letter A.  After reading this great article "Why kids should work on a vertical surface" you might decide to paint a chalkboard wall too! 

kids writing on chalkboard

Ten Apples On Top 

I love reading a classic apple book!  This book sparked some ideas...How many apples can balance on your head?  The kids thought balancing 2 was quite hard!

ten apples on top

First we drew a little self portrait, using circles of course!  Then we used  circle sticker labels and balanced as many "apples" as we could.

using sticker labels with ten apples on top

There you have it folks!  I hope you enjoyed some apple themed activities for today.  If you like what you saw please join me in my teaching adventures...

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