Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter V the Vulture Vacuums with Preschoolers

V the Vulture is a fantastic visual aide for teaching your preschooler the letter and sound of V.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart children learn that v says /v/ /v/ /v/ similar to the beginning sound in vacuum!   What better way to teach the sound of V than to use an actual vacuum while making the /v/ sound.  Today I engaged multiple senses when we used scratch and sniff "dirt."  Come join us today for some good, clean fun!

Preschoolers Learn Letter V with V the Vulture

In the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book children can color or paint the vulture that is in the shape of the letter V... and it's pushing a vacuum!

Letter V day with V the Vulture

A child can pull the side strip through the bottom of the letter v while emphasizing the /v/ sound in van, violin, vase and vine.  This is a great phonemic activity!

Preschool V day with word strip craft

Here is a fun way to review the letter V and review middle vowels in beginning words. 

Teach a Vacuum Poem

I’m a little vacuum,
Hear me vroom,
Over the floor and
All across the room.
When I get all revved up,
See me work,
Cleaning up the carpet
And sucking up the dirt.

Life skills...learn to vacuum!

Be sure to bring out your vacuum and practice the /v/ /v/ /v/ sound while vacuuming the floor.  You can easily put little paper v's on the floor to vacuum up.  Use Variety in your teaching! ;)

Preschool Girl Vacuuming

Here is a fun way to review the vowel sounds and the letter V. 

Here is a great way to teach sentence structure with your students after reviewing the letter V. 

Enhance Learning V with a Scratch and Sniff Activity

You can have your child pretend to vacuum up "dirt" in a scratch and sniff activity.  Simply have them spread glue in various circles then sprinkle "dirt" on top of the glue.  

Scratch and sniff preschool V day

Today our "dirt" was cinnamon, chocolate powder, nutmeg, and pepper.  

homemade scratch and sniff

Today we engaged multiple senses!

Seeing + Hearing + Smelling + Feeling = Learning

Some other letter V activities I like to use are:

Vacuum V using painters tape
Paper towel V using paint and washable markers
Practice cutting skills using V is for vine activity

Join me on my teaching adventures:


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