Monday, February 9, 2015

Last Minute Conversation Heart Teaching Ideas

Need a simple idea for the kiddos on Valentines Day?  Go pick up a bag of these...

Conversation Hearts
{thanks for the pic from Blogcdn}

First I was thinking the obvious...let's use them for CONVERSATIONS!   I created a really simple page with a few speech bubbles.

I let the kids draw a picture of the people that they love.  Then I had each child roll the dice to see how many conversation hearts should go into each speech bubble.  Easy peasy!

I like to help the child read the funny sayings and ask the child if that person would actually say or do what is on the heart.  

You can also pre make some heart sayings and have your child help read the sayings.  The child can help put that conversation heart in the bubble of the person hat might say these words.  

For math, I always use those conversational hearts to reinforce counting, sorting, and graphing.  Give each child a random pile of hearts to sort.  Which color has the most?  Which color has the least?  Any hearts have the same amount?

There are dozens of ways to use hearts to teach around Valentines.  Here are a few more that I think you might like.

Here's one from Free Home School Deals

Great pattern template at PreKinders

Good science experiment with hearts at PlayDoughToPlato

What are some ways you use conversation hearts in the classroom?  And another question...Do you actually like the taste of conversation hearts?  I am truly interested!

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