Thursday, February 26, 2015

Alphabet Parking

Enjoy RACING with paint while making the letter R. 

/r/ /r/ /r/ says the letter R!

This is the R activity found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book.  You could always add more colors and make a rainbow R.

Try making an Amazing Action Alphabet Parking Garage.  

This is SO simple yet really fun!  Use some art paper and make a road with garages for each letter.

Use your Amazing Action Alphabet Flashcards found in the back of the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book.  Sort the Letters in various garages.  Have your child practice driving their car into a letter.  {you know I sale this as an eBook now right?}

Now drive your car to the letter that says /r/ /r/ /r/.

I know, why didn't you do this before...SO SIMPLE?  Have fun racing with letter R!

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