Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who Am I?

As I teach the letters and sounds I try to find a different and unique way to review each day.  Today we reviewed in Hedbanz Game style...

You can create your own headband by a simple strip of card stalk stapled together.  Paperclip an Amazing Action Alphabet letter card (found at the back of your Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book) to your headband.

Have the child ask their classmates or friend "Who Am I?"  Have the other children show the letter's corresponding action and sound.  The child with the letter on their head gets to guess the letter's name!

There are  hundreds of ways to review letters and sounds.  Remember to look at the back of your Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book for more great ideas to review on the "Letter Card Activities" page.

What review ways have you found successful and fun?!

Ohhh, and if you're wanting to play the inspiration to the "Who am I"  game with your kids...
check this out!

{found here}

Happy teaching everyone!

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