Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet F The Flamingo

The weather in our classroom is being a little Funky.  I see Frost on the window, and snow Flurries in the air...pull out the winter box!  Scarves, hats, boots, gloves and get read to meet F the Flamingo!

F the flamingo is FREEZING!  She belongs in a lake with lots of sun.  She says /f/ /f/ /f/ as she tires to warm her Feet and Feathers.  Have your children practice saying /f/ when dressed up like F the Flamingo.

/f/ /f/ /f/

If a child has a hard time saying /f/, you can help by reminding the child to put their lower lip to their top teeth and blow...see that isn't too hard!

When preparing the activity for F the flamingo from The Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book, be sure to copy each section of the flamingo using different colored paper before having the students cut each part.


Now have the children shake their feezing flamingo back and forth as they make the /f/ /f/ /f/ sound. 

Now crank up the heat in here because I am FREEEEZZZZINGGGG!  

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