Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Many Worms Are In Your Apple?

Today we wanted to practice our math while keeping in the theme of WORMS.  All you need is:

-two different colors of yarn
-a basic paper apple

First, cut up several pieces of yarn from each color to make it look like worms.

Then, roll the dice and have the child put the rolled amount of "worms" on their apple, but only using one of the yarn colors.

Next, roll again to see how many MORE worms entered the apple using the second color of yarn.

Lastly, add up the worms and see how many worms are munching on your apple!


In Japan, the longest know species of worm is known as the Seibold earthworm, which reaches typical lengths of around 9.8 - 11 inches.  Some as long as 16 inches have been reported.  Ewwww!  Now that's a lot of worm!

{more about this here}

Not much gives me the heebie jeebies, but a really long earthworms does!  Maybe I should just stick to my simple "how many worms are in the apple" math problem for today.

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