Friday, June 7, 2013

Mr. Flamingo is FFFFreezing!

F the Flamingo: For a more vivid flamingo, copy the beak, scarf, hat, and feet using a different color.  The flamingo will then be ready to cut, which can be a challenging cutting exercise for young children.  When the flamingo is assembled, encourage the child to shake the flamingo back and forth while making the sound /f/. I use The Amazing ActionAlphabet CD (number six) and each time the flamingo freezes they shake their own flamingo while saying /f/ /f/ /f/.  This activity is found in The Amazing Action Alphabet Book pages 16 and 17.

Dramatic play for F the flamingo: Bring a bag of items that they would wear in cold weather, like a scarf, gloves, or a coat. Ask the child to put on the items and tell about a story about when they were cold and how they made the /f/ sound.  

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