Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Help Me Teach The Difference Between b and d

When using the Amazing Action Alphabet children learn the letter sounds almost instantaneously, however some children have a difficult time remembering the letter names. The two most common letters that children have a hard time remembering is the lower case letters "b" and "d." I like to use these visual and verbal tips. 

Teach preschooler difference between "b" and "d"

Lowercase letter "b" has a line and then a circle... I tell the child a bubble blower wand (or a line) comes first and the "bubble" comes next, out from the bottom. 

Teach lower case letters "b" and "d" using bubble wand

Lowercase letter "d" has a circle then a line... I tell the child a circle or "doorknob" comes first then the line (or door) comes next. 

Teach lower case "d" and "be door knob preschool

I hope this tip and visual helps you teach, and if you have an additional ways to teach "b" and "d" comment below! 

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